House and Eiffel Tower

IFA 2013: 3D Printing, Laser Beard Trimmer and More

There are over 20 halls to walk through at the giant IFA technology show in Berlin. Some of the buildings have three floors of products on display. Over 5 days, my Misfit Shine tracker says I walked 24.8 miles, or 60,188 steps to be precise.

What did I see? Aside from Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear smart watch and Note phablet, and Sony’s new waterproof smartphone, there were headphones and speakers galore, Ultra TV’s and a few other things I wrote about. Links are included below.

I had doodle envy when I saw 3Doodler’s 3D printing pen. Plastic goes in one end, and when it comes out the other, voila! You can create a 3D Eiffel Tower, or maybe even a pair of shoes!

Tech has invaded the bathroom too. I saw a Diamond Sonic Toothbrush that sits in its own re-chargable glass, and the Philips Laser Beard Trimmer which actually beams a laser to your throat to show you where to shave.

I also saw a bunch of products designed just for women. I liked the Yurbud earbuds designed for a woman’s smaller ear. They come in different styles and colors – including purple – and the company claims they’ll stay in place even at the gym. I plan on putting that to the test. Check out the other products here.

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